School Age (K-5th Grade)
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Available Locations

  • Ashburton CDC – 6314 Lone Oak Drive in Bethesda, MD – (301)493-5710
  • Bradley CDC – 8701 Hartsdale Avenue in Bethesda, MD – (301)493-5113
  • Maryvale CDC – 15101 Bauer Drive in Rockville, MD – (301)762-0556
  • Woodlin CDC – 2103 Luzerne Avenue in Silver Spring, MD (301)608-9693

Our school age program features:

  • Care before and after the school day (Starting at 7:00 am until release to school, and, release from school until closure at 6:00 pm or 6:30 pm depending upon location
  • Extended care on early release days (starting at release from school until closure)
  • Extended care for delayed openings (beginning from time center opens until release to school)
  • Full-day care on days when schools are closed (beginning from time center opens until closure)
  • All-inclusive weekly tuition with NO additional fees — All extended care, program activities, supplies and materials are included
  • Breakfast, morning supplement (on days schools are closed) and afternoon snack provided. Parents supply lunch on non-school days.
  • Field trips provided at NO additional charge (available on some school closure days)
  • One (1) teacher for every 10 students (exceeding state licensing requirements of 1 to 15)
  • Well-equipped classrooms to support creativity, learning and exploration
  • Outdoor time for physical activity
  • Homework support on school days

Our school age programs are designed to promote a relaxed, fun, and learning environment, before and after your child’s school day. Whether the program meets in a designated classroom or shares space in a multi-purpose room, our program space is well equipped with interest areas such as

  • Library
  • Arts and crafts
  • Puzzles and other hands-on learning
  • Games
  • Music
  • Science and math
  • Dramatic play
  • Construction

Our programs are designed to allow your child to choose individual activities and engage in group activities. The children give their input to help the staff develop special interest themes throughout the month  Outdoor time is also a key feature to allow the children to get fresh air, run off steam, and engage in physical activities. Healthy minds are supported by healthy bodies! Homework time is also built into the schedule, with staff members providing support.

RDCA also accepts vouchers for child care tuition from the Child Care Subsidy Program (formerly POC) and the Montgomery County Working Parents Assistance Program (WPA), Military (FEEA) and other subsidy programs.