We have great longevity among our administrators, directors, assistant directors, and teaching staff. At least 50% of our team members have been with RDCA for 5 years or more (a rare thing in child care!). It is not unusual to meet staff members who have been with RDCA for 15 years or more.


All staff must meet position specific criteria as required by our licensing agency; Maryland State Department of Education – Office of Child Care (MSDE-OCC), MSDE Accreditation standards, and Maryland EXCELS.

our work culture:

Why join our diverse team of
dedicated child care professionals!


  • Competitive Salaries – based on education and prior work experience
  • On the job training, mentoring, and support with opportunities for advancement
  • Paid vacation and paid sick leave – even for part-time staff
  • Health Insurance & Supplemental Dental & Vision for full-time staff (30 hours plus)
  • Financial Support – 401(k) plan – assistance with education related courses
  • Set work schedule – guaranteed hours – no evenings or weekends

How to apply:

Step 1: Complete the RDCA Online Application- RDCA Online Application or download the application

Step 2: Gather supporting documentation:

  • Completed downloaded application (if online application was not submitted)
  • Applicable education/certification documents
  • Child care related training
  • Resume (if available)

Step 3: Send documentation to Human Resources

Choose one of these options:

Next Steps

Applications and supporting documents will be reviewed by HR or other RDCA admin team members.

Qualified candidates will be forwarded to the center director where the position is being hired for.

The center director will email or call the applicant to establish an interview.

After the interview, candidates will be notified by the center director whether a job offer is being made, along with specifics about the offer. Those not considered for the position will receive an email. Applications will be retained for one year from the application date for future consideration.

Candidates who are offered positions will be given a specified period of time to accept or decline the offer (usually a few days). Those accepting the offer will be sent initial new hire paperwork (including fingerprinting information, pre-employment medical) which will need to be completed prior to starting work. Once the required paperwork is complete, a start date can be established (usually as soon as possible). On the employee’s first day, additional employment paperwork will be completed, along with an orientation to the center.

Current positions:

Seeking school-age qualified teachers for aftercare program in Bethesda and seeking Infant/Toddler qualified teachers for March 2024 in Silver Spring.

Don’t want a regular assignment?

Consider being a substitute…you can select your desired location and age group you prefer to work with.


I feel like the way we work together meets the child’s needs, and since we get along well, we also meet each other's needs. We all tend to bounce off each other, which is nice!

- Maryvale CDC, Employee - March 2023

It’s a very kid-friendly culture which I feel is welcoming to everyone.

- Bradley CDC, Employee - March 2023

I feel that everyone's needs are important and have a place where they feel safe, supported, and cared for.

- Bradley CDC, Employee- March 2023

RDCA provides opportunities for our families, peers, and children by coming together when we have workshops, during holidays we try to include most celebration, and children learn different cultures by dancing to songs of different countries.

- Sargent Shriver CDC, Employee - March 2023

I would recommend my center because it’s well organized and teachers are helpful and respect the children, and the activities/workshops we do would interest many people.

- Sargent Shriver CDC Employee- March 2023

The environment at my center is very positive, & the staff is very supportive and flexible when needed.

- Bel Pre CDC, Employee November 2022

Even though I recently started about a month ago, I feel supported by my fellow teacher and aides. They give me the confidence and support needed to keep coming. I have genuinely grown to love my job because of them!

- Maryvale CDC, Employee November 2022

I have been an employee of RDCA for many years and have stayed with the company because it is a fun place to work, the benefits are excellent, I feel respected and acknowledged for my work, and I have had the opportunity to advance multiple times within the company during my career.  This organization is wonderful for anyone passionate about working with children and wanting to grow as a child care professional.

- Administrative Office, Employee January 2022

I chose RDCA  because I wanted to be involved in the field to work with children, learn the techniques to interact with children, and inspire them. RDCA is unique when I am given the patient to know the children, staff, and the routines done at the center. My favorite thing at RDCA is working with the Kindergarten/First Grade Group because I learn a lot from the teacher about how she runs the routines at aftercare. I love how she interacts with the group and how the children look up to her. It made me feel part of the program when I had the opportunity to work at the center and experience working with the staff and children. During the pandemic, I feel that the health and safety protocols are a priority. I am updated with the information relevant to the program/center. It did not affect my decision to join RDCA since it is a non-profit organization.

- Bradley CDC, Employee January 2022

RDCA Woodlin isn't merely a great place to work or a great place to send your children. It's really a loving place that's easy to call home for staff, children, and families alike. There really is nothing like it anywhere else.

- Woodlin CDC Employee, January 2022

I feel RDCA is a welcoming place. I chose RDCA because I like working in a childcare setting, working with staff, and interacting with the children.

- Woodlin CDC, Employee January 2022

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