Over the five years in RDCA, my children are happy! This is the biggest measure my wife and I use in evaluating the choices we have made for our children. My wife and I have easy access to administrators and teachers. Any questions or concerns are addressed immediately. We trust in the system and the people with whom we leave our most treasured possessions: Our children.


As working parents, my family’s initial attraction to RDCA was its convenient location to our home and neighborhood elementary school. However, what kept us with RDCA for more than five years is its long-tenured and knowledgeable staff, its well-planned (and fun) curriculum, and the association’s commitment to training and developing its staff to meet the growing needs of our children.


Our experience over the past three and a half years of using RDCA is exemplary. My son’s kindergarten teacher said it best when she told me, his first week of school, “I can always tell the kids that come from RDCA because they’re prepared, not only academically, but socially. They listen, behave, and they have fun.”  That’s the core of what RDCA does for me and our community.