We chose RDCA because of the staff – they are incredibly caring and engaged and have made our daughter feel like she is part of a family. As parents, we have always been impressed by the amazing dedication of the RDCA team and the incredible experience they have delivered to us and our daughter. They are friendly, smart, dedicated, communicate frequently and in detail, and really care about our daughter. Aftercare has been a place where our daughter has grown as a person, created lifelong friendships, and improved her academics. We highly recommend RDCA if you are looking for a safe and excellent place for your child to grow and excel!

Chris H.Bradley Center, Parent

We have been part of the RDCA family since our youngest was a toddler, and our oldest was in preschool at the Northwest campus. They are now both school-age and attend the RDCA Ashburton program. I have been impressed with how RDCA (Northwest and Ashburton locations) navigated the uncertainties with the pandemic. My initial hesitation in sending our youngest back to Northwest for pre-school in the Fall of 2020 dissolved after speaking with center director, Julie.  It was clear that she was doing everything in her power to keep the kids and teachers as safe as possible given the circumstances. Our preschooler, though she regressed a bit during the pandemic, was back to her old self again within a few days of joining Ashburton as a kindergartener. RDCA Ashburton established a learning hub in the Fall of 2020 that served as a mental lifeline for our daughter while the public schools were still virtual.  This gave my wife and I peace of mind.  Having support during virtual learning and having friends around to play with during the downtimes was huge!

RDCA has allowed our family of two working parents to thrive and provides a nurturing and enriching environment for our girls.

Freddy E.Ashburton Center, Parent (Northwest Alumni)

My kids have been members of the RDCA family for 4 years now, starting as toddlers and now in the school-age programs. I value most the seamless continuity of care, the tireless staff as well as the thoughtful pandemic-related measures. Dropping off and picking up smiling kids each day is the best treat!

Judy E.Ashburton Center, Parent

We love RDCA so much, we have sent all three of our kids there. Our youngest is in the Pandita class and we love the great care the teachers give to the kids. The director is very helpful whenever we have a question. It is a great program and we are extremely happy to be part of the RDCA family.

Ben H.Bel Pre Center, Parent

We chose RDCA because it provided an affordable daycare option combined with experienced teachers and staff, robust developmental programs, and beautiful facilities.

Paul K.Northwest Center, Parent