RDCA is distinguished by the long-term service and commitment of our staff. The quality of our programs is a reflection of this experience and professionalism.

RDCA’s administrative leadership is comprised of child care professionals, each having many years’ experience in the industry. RDCA affiliated centers benefit by being part of our association through centralized financial management, HR resources, payroll and benefits management, equipment acquisition and allocation, supervision, guidance, training and support. This business model enables center directors and their staff to focus on meeting the day-to-day needs of the center, on providing the best learning environment for children and ensuring availability to parents.

Many of our center directors, and assistant directors, have been with RDCA for 10 or more years. At least 30% of all employees have worked for RDCA for more than five years (a rare thing in child care!). It is not unusual to meet staff members who have been with RDCA for 10 to 15 years.

We are proud to boast that many employees were at one time children in our programs. We also have staff who leave us for a variety of reasons (relocation, school, family, other providers), BUT who end up coming back home to RDCA. WHY?  Because we are fair, supportive, and professional and we treat our staff as family.

All staff must meet position specific criteria as required by our licensing agency; Maryland Department of Education – Office of Child Care (MSDE-OCC), MSDE Accreditation standards, and Maryland EXCELS.

All lead teachers have at least an associate’s degree or higher and we encourage continued education among all staff. All hired employees will be subject to the state-mandated criminal background investigations and pre-employment medical.