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The RDCA board of directors is unique in being exclusively parent-led and mission driven. We always aim for parent representation from each center. Staff members are encouraged to participate as ex-officio members. Each individual center may choose to have their own parent group, which would meet at their discretion and report back to the board of directors. For more information, or if you would like to participate,  contact the Executive Director,  Laura Bardini at or contact Board President, Hilary Jones at

2017 Board of Directors

Executive Officers:

President – Hilary Jones, Ashburton, parent

1st Vice-President – Nichole Mc Whorter, Woodlin, parent

2nd Vice-President – Victoria Hougham, Woodlin, parent

Treasurer – Paula Mc Gee, Ashburton, parent

Secretary – Rachel Cox, Bradley, parent


Bill Belknap – Bradley, parent

Milana Campbell – Maryvale, parent

Sandra Cortez – Shriver, parent

Danielle Daee, Woodlin, parent

Rosemary Foley – Shriver, parent

Sarah Katz – Woodlin, parent

Jennifer Schaefgen – Shriver, parent

Board Meeting Location:

Woodlin Child Development Center
2103 Luzerne Avenue
Silver Spring, Maryland  20910

Parents and Staff Welcome

Child care will be provided on site with advance registration.

Please RSVP to

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